Contributor & Owner: Joe Salling:
I am a proud father of two and husband to the best wife known to mankind. My two girls have hearts of gold, very caring and extremely smart. They amaze me every day with their outlook on the world and sense of wonder… I hope to use their life experience to open my eyes to see things in a different way. Come with me on this journey, I hope you will enjoy the topics I publish on how to make your company thrive and more inviting for your customers.

My Blog is used for a couple of purposes.

  1. About products that I like and use, with reviews of what I think about them.
  2. How to use Phones and web technology to further your business both online and in your store.
  3. How to use iPhones and Android camera phones for your business or blog.
    1. Use your iPhone to make video for YouTube
    2. Take pictures for your online store to enhance what people see when browsing your catalog.
    3. Use the images for “Hero” shots (large images at the top of your web pages.
    4. Send Images from your physical brick and mortar store to customers.
  4. Stories about life that interest me.

Read*Note: this website and it’s images are created by me using iPhones (90+%) and Android mobile phones.
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