2. Setup WordPress

Setup and Why WordPress?

It is the easiest way to create a website or a blog. A very powerful Content Management System (CMS) that grows with you, to include options of hundreds of contributors and plugins. This will lead to making your site unique and serve purpose.

You can utilize this platform to have an simple blog, robust website or build an ecommerce site. I have used in the past a couple of plugins that are simply amazing – I will talk about them later in an eBook about SIMPLE solutions for your blog.

Can you work with other CMS’s? Yes you sure can, however the power of WordPress is that the “average Joe” will be able to edit and change text to designing an entire website with little to no knowledge. Hosting companies like Bluehost allow you to click a couple of buttons and be up and running.. So let’s go – the next couple of clicks and you will be running with WordPress!

1. Once you completed setting up your hosting account, you are taken to your “cpanel” where all of the options are displayed for you. Now select “Install WordPress”.

Keep in mind, Bluehost also gives you access to webmail tied to your domain too… so you can look at that later.

Wordpress setup


2. Now choose to “Start a brand new install” sit back but not for long and the script will run to install WordPress. Once the server is finished it will take you to a screen to setup you master admin account for WordPress. Write it down and keep that account in a safe place. I do also recommend setting up a second Admin ID once you are setup.

Setup WordPress


3. Congratulations! Your site should be now have setup WordPress for your web site!

Onto the final step – choosing a theme!

Three simple steps:

1.Domain Name and Hosting
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3.WordPress theme