How to start a blog in 3 steps – Zero to blog in 15 minutes

How to start a blog

The very first step to starting a blog or web site is to have a place on the Internet to put your web site… So you might ask, how to do this? You will need a host to handle your web site. What is Hosting you ask? A simple explanation, just like you need a bowl to hold your milk and cereal, you need a hosting company to hold your web site; that simple. Today (vs. just 3 years ago ), web site hosting companies have made it so simple I think my 8 year old could setup a site. You’ll need to have a domain name in mind to start this registration process, but thanks to the guys at Bluehost, they make it an easy solution to have everything in one place.

Domain Name (your web address) AKA: URL

  • Just like your home needs an address, so does your web site. What do you want it to be?
  • Brainstorm as many different ideas as possible. Once you’ve thought of some possible names, talk with some friends and family- bounce your ideas off of people…
  • Stick with your gut, then using the steps below to see if your domain name is available.

Hosting Options

One of my affiliates is bluehost and it is also where this blog is hosted. This is the first step to signing up with Bluehost by clicking here: if you use my affiliate links you also get a deep discount!


Select the “Get Started now” button

start a blog

Select a plan

Now you will need to choose your plan, as it is the best deal for a start up I suggest the Starter Plan. It has everything that is needed to get going. Keep in mind when the time comes (and it will) once you get enough traffic and start making money you can upgrade. I contacted Bluehost to ensure this was possible not only for you, but for my blog too!. Please note: *this plan is paid in one lump sum up front vs. monthly, but it’ll save you quite a bit of cash.

How to start a blog

Enter your domain name

A. Follow this step for a NEW domain name you want to register (Left Box below). Now is the time to claim your space on the web. Enter a domain that you think you want to use and select “Next” and follow these simple tips.

  • Go with a .com whenever possible.
  • Make it easy to say and spell.
  • Don’t include hyphens, numbers, obscure terms or confusing series of words.
  • If you’re not sure what to use, try your name to start.

B. Follow this step if you have a domain (Right Box below). Enter your existing domain name now, and select “Next”. *Keep in mind, if you have a domain already you can transfer the control of the domain to blue host (or just point it to Bluehost it is up to you). If you need help Bluehost can help with there very friendly helpdesk, I have used them many times.

 How to start a blog

Now there is a couple of small things to finalize fill out your contact and ownership information. Then you will see the screen below. You need to decide do you want to have these options (I have used some of these to hide privacy and something to think about (there is additional fees).

How to start a blog

Three simple steps:

You are Here > 1.Domain Name and Hosting
2.Installing WordPress
3.WordPress theme