Dare to Dream

Do you dare to dream and go against the norm in our vanilla world? God made you special and unique, use that to your advantage.

Today our society tells us to stay in line. The politically correct and bandwagon mentality says do what your neighbor, sibling, parents and others have done. When I was in the military, I had rules that I agreed to and got in line to follow directions. Today the rules are different for me, and they can be FOR YOU TOO! The opportunities with the Web are limitless, instead of sitting around watching the self-obsessed Kardashians get up and make a change in your life.

Set yourself free and TRY something different, it will help you grow in many directions you never thought possible.

In the famous speech from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. the often quoted “I have a dream” speech is about our potential. What could be IF people come together and organized themselves at the same goal? Is there anything that could stop us? Various entities on Social Media, Politicians, new media want us to focus on non-issues. Political correctness does not allow one to be measured based on character, performance, honor etc.. This is in direct contradiction to Dr. King’s speech. So step out there, be bold, take a chance DREAM BIGGER than what you are doing today, you might surprise yourself.

So how do you get started on this new journey?

Do a Google or Bing search and you will see many sites similar to mine. Some are better some are the same and some not so good. I hope you find my site informative and something that helps you to expand your boundaries.

What if?

  • Do you dream of being able to be at home with your family more?
  • Be your own boss and not report to someone and control more of your destiny?
  • Have you ever contributed to a forum, post information on Facebook using pictures or video?

Let me guess – you answered YES to most of those questions?

  • Does the thought of keeping all of your “work” and “fun” in one place makes sense to you?
  • If you contribute to a Facebook a Forum or other places? Keep in mind this is valuable information that you are GIVING AWAY FOR FREE. By posting on Facebook and only there, you are giving traffic that Google will rank you on.
  • Why not blog, and post on Facebook the link to your post? Turn on advertising and start making an income?

It does not matter what the topics are, it can be anything,

What about privacy? Did you know that WordPress has the ability to keep content private?

  • You can set a password for a page or a blog post to send to friends and family.

Don’t wait. Let’s get started – today is your day to start a blog! It only takes a few minutes to go over three simple steps. You could be up and running in no time!

Three simple steps:

1.Domain Name and Hosting
2.Installing WordPress
3.Get a good theme