Titanium, four 400-watt lasers and a 3D Printer

If you did not know from many of my posts… I kinda am a car guy. In recent years since my daughters were born, I have not had enough car time (ALL MY CHOICE as they are AWESOME)! However, I do long for small enough projects to get my toes wet. Then too, I work for two of the best brands in Trucking (Mack Trucks and Volvo Trucks). So I do get some of my daily dose of “automotive”.

The other thing you may know about me… I love certain marks – Audi being my first love when I was a kid. Always thought the Audi brand was just unique enough and not a cut and paste as many other brands tend to be… When I started paying attention to exotics the Bugatti EB-110 was born. The Bugatti EB 110 is a mid-engine sports car produced by Bugatti Automobili S.p.A. from 1991 to 1995. It was a very unique car of it’s day from a design aspect. In pictures it was not conveyed until you saw one in person how cool the design was. Luckily some rich dude brought one to a car show my brother and I went to at Charlotte Motor Speedway. To me, I was amazed that not many people even knew what this car was.

This Youtube clip below does a decent job showing the car design very well and why I always liked it… the intakes, headlights and air ducts next to them… it is art and purpose at the same time.

That kicked off my love affair with the Bugatti brand. They went bankrupt and were sold off… thankfully the VW Group resurrected them from the dead.

You can get a Very nice model of the EB110 or Chrion from Amazon:

1. EB110

2. Chiron

3. OR a Bugatti Chocolate set “DA CHOCOLATE Candy Souvenir BUGATTI Chocolate Gift Set”

Recently, in the news is what a mad scientists came up with for the new Bugatti Chiron that I wrote about the world record that was set. It was the ability of the Chiron to go from 0-242MPH to 0 in only 42 seconds. Here is some of the information from their press release.

“While the main material used for the additive production of vehicle components to date has been aluminum, the new brake caliper is made from titanium. This is therefore the world’s largest functional component produced from titanium using 3-D printing processes.

  • New eight-piston monobloc brake caliper is the world’s first brake caliper to be produced by 3-D printer
  • Also largest brake caliper in the automotive industry as a whole
  • Bugatti is the first series manufacturer to use titanium, a material calling for extremely complex and challenging processing
  • Worldwide innovation is the result of cooperation between the Bugatti Development Department and Laser Zentrum Nord in Hamburg
  • French super sports car brand reaches new milestone in development of 3-D printing as a future-oriented technology
  • As the technical development laboratory of the Volkswagen Group, Bugatti leads the way in 3-D printing and is a worldwide innovation driver
  • 3-D printed components to be trialed for series production this year
Here is the raw non-polished version of the titanium cliper

The special 3-D printer at Laser Zentrum Nord, which was the largest printer in the world suitable for titanium at the start of the project, is equipped with four 400-watt lasers.

It takes a total of 45 hours to print a brake caliper. During this time, titanium powder is deposited layer by layer. The total number of layers required is 2,213.”

This is really amazing dedication… this project started in January of 2018… and it essentially took a year. This will allow Bugatti to reduce the weight of the brake caliper by about 40% at the same time as ensuring higher strength by using the new part.

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