Drive your competition crazy – What Is Your Web Strategy? Part II

This is a continuation of a conversation (you guessed it there is a Part I – so maybe read this discussion first).

Now we are going to look at Why, a question we should always ask ourselves. Why do we have a web site?

Conversion rates

So what does your company do? Think of your business in a brick and mortar store and visualize it as an online marketplace. What is the average conversion rate you have today and what would make your company successful? Do you know / have a target conversion rate for your website? Think about what does success look like? I think we might dream a dream periodically, knowing if I can make “X” I can get that new car, or pay off my car or…. on and on. So step back, not dream about those things if something happens but really take a coffee break or three and think about what Success is to you.

Do you have or know your industry conversion rate? You need to know so you can set a target for your own conversion rate? Maybe partner up with another company across town that you could collaborate with or find a knowledgeable 3rd party. You can’t just pull these numbers out of thin air. If this data is not available, you need some other logical way of determining a reasonable conversion rate.
Think outside of the box – have a good SEO plan but Millions of websites are competing on Google, Yahoo, BING search etc. If you do the same thing everyone else is doing, you’re going to get the same results. The average website fails. So what will you do differently than those failing websites?

Set a goal for the next month, 3 months, 6 months, and 1 year. This goal should setup what you actually do on your web site. BE PURPOSEFUL AND DIRECT IN YOUR ACTIONS!

DON’T waste time doing something you don’t believe in. It is your company, your web site and your goals. IF you believe in yourself (and I am guessing you do) then DO WHAT YOUR HEART TELLS YOU. Don’t look back, TRUST your gut and execute.

Pay attention to your competition

What seems to be working for them? What do you like and don’t like. Potentially, what lessons have you learned from your competitors in the last 6 months are you paying attention? They ARE trying thousands of things to find the magic recipe to find success. Remember they are not perfect so again trust your gut and also trust your brain. God gave you a magnificent brain to analyze and make sound decisions. I always say, if it does not kill someone, or would get someone fired go for it. Even if it is not your company, move forward let people know you are doing an experiment if you are not the boss… fail fast and correct faster – YOU CAN DO IT!

Finally, what reason does a visitor have to tell others about your store / shop / website? The best marketing is word-of-mouth. Is there anything about your website that a customer would have reason to tell his friends and colleagues about? To get an honest answer, you may need to ask someone else for their opinion. This is probably the most important question you can ask. On WordPress you can setup a “survey” very easily. Use the feedback you get and set a plan to address peoples concerns.

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