Peace is our Profession

Every once in a while, you get reminded about our great leaders. How clear their message was and is even many years later.

“Thomas Paine”

During the American Revolution: “We have within our power, to begin the world over again”

What a profound statement, viewing 200+ years in the future he could see it. Everyday should be started with those words from not just Paine but others who sacrificed so much for their loved ones. They seized the day and in some cases payed the ultimate price with no sight of reward outside of hope.

We have come a long way since those words were spoken but we are not there yet. So much waste in the world, so many people with problems that I can’t even begin to understand. Use of drugs much worse than when I was a kid, and the sad part is I don’t see many people questioning why? Why do you need drugs? What are people running from? Conviction? Self reflection?

I hope, my girls can grow up to be adults with a sense of opportunity. Be able to connect to people and have meaningful relationships. Not superficial FaceBook friends, but people that love them and they love them back.

President Reagan spoke of the city on the hill – it is still there waiting for us if we choose to shoot for that goal.

What have you done today? The measuring stick is very tall… how do you measure up? I know I can’t even see the top, more to do.

*By the way, that Flag in this post… it is the Flag from President Kennedy’s PT109 boat. Another example of sacrificing so others could be free.

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