I got into a conversation the other day, about how the banks (and others) have controlled (and encouraged) inflation. Have you ever notice how they always push to “Consolidate” you debt under your home’s value? Why do they do that? Perhaps, because they want to you working for the man. Slaving away for centuries to pay for things you really can’t afford. So you leave your house essentially to the bank. To which, you have already paid for 10 times over in interest.


This leads to this post, never read Paul Roberts and really I don’t know who he is. However when I read this posting it was something interesting my 100 year old grandmother and I discuss often. Take a moment to read!

In 1939, the year I was born, gasoline was ten cents per gallon. A new car cost $700. A new house cost $3,850, and the average rent was $28 per month.

Source: Growing Up In America Series – Measuring Decline By Prices – PaulCraigRoberts.org

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