Repel Mosquitoes Naturally

Spring and summer, one of my favorite times of year to spend outside with the girls. This week, I have been working on our yard to make it acceptable so I don’t have the HOA sending me a letter :). I get fired up and start working and often forget that I am one of the people that friendly mosquitoes like to snuggle up against.

So as I am picking out some plants for landscaping this year, I thought I would get something that could / would help deter the pesky creatures. Surly there is something I can do with landscaping to repel these creatures and make outside more livable.

During my research I found this article that I am referencing below.

It seems that my top choices will be Lavender, Lemon balm and Catnip. All of these plants not only have a pleasant fragrance but also keep the mosquitoes away.

Also from the article:

Why invest in pesticides or bug sprays to control mosquitoes outdoors this summer when you could repel them naturally with plants?

Source: Plants That Repel Mosquitoes Naturally | Reader’s Digest

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