The “What if” Scenario

In today’s world the automobile has become a very expensive transportation solution for everyday life. As I look back at how expensive cars were when I was in High School, It amazes me every time to think how “cheap” everything was. My mind also brings up the “what if” statement… you know the one you have used before too. Like “what if” dad bought instead of the Dodge custom van that we used on trips all around the U.S. and instead bought the 1969 Chevrolet Camaro Z28? Not only could it have funded a retirement trip or two for mom and dad… but we could have had fun along the way!

For a 1969 Chevrolet Camaro the original MSRP according to NADA was $3185, today the value goes up to as much as $91,000. That gets me thinking what should I be buying now to store away for a future pay day? My passion if you did not know is cars from the VW Group, it is what I know and have enjoyed for all of my adult life. Yes there are some quirks with them – but that is what also makes them fun too. However some of the distracting items around design/maintenance have disappeared with computers taking over on some of the engineering issues. So many of the problems of the past have been eliminated for years. Also, since I work for a European manufacturer it also aligns with some of my passion at work.

This 1992 Volkswagen GTi popped up on Bring A Trailer that brought back some memories. Specifically when I graduated High School and went off to the Marine Corps. This car was one of those dreams that you have of “it could be cool to cruise down the road in this”. A buddy of mine had one of these cars in question, a 1992 Volkswagen GTi 16V in brilliant “Montana Green” in the mid 90’s.

It was one of those cars that was just a cool ride. It was over the top Euro German design, a hopped up VW Golf on steroids. The 16v badge actually added a couple of nice features that was not available on the regular GTi (8 valve engine) or regular Golf. GTi 16V’s (16 Valves) was a really strong 135 HP 2.0 ltr engine that was very versatile. In this car that was roughly 2300 lbs. really moved out, especially with electronic chip tuning and exhaust work. It came with high end German Recaro seats, they hugged you like a big bear. His car met its fate into a large oak tree, and the seats I am convinced save the drivers life with a full metal cage. The car literally wrapped around the seats. The last of the MK2 design, a hold over from the cold-war era was the best GTi for many years. The MK3 chassis was a real disappointment until the MK4 came out. It looked like nothing else in the 16v dress and if you see one today in good shape it is one of those cars that just will make you smile if you appreciate that era cars.


Type                    4 Cylinder, In-Line 
Displacement            121 Cu. In.
H.P. @ RPM (SAE Net)    134 @ 5,800
Max. Trq. Lbs.-Ft. @RPM 133 @ 4,400
Fuel Requirement        Unleaded (Premium Recommended for
                          Maximum Performance)


I won’t go through all of the items that Volkswagen would list but mainly what made this model unique.

  • 15″ BBS 3 piece wheels (seems small today but this was the wheel to have in it’s day).
  • Recaro Interior (Front Seats)
  • 2.0 motor – @134 HP it seems like nothing but this car was light weight and this engine loved to rev.

So this car popped up on Bring a Trailer a while back.. it is not original but the amount of effort put into this show car is really amazing. Props go out to the owner who put their heart and soul into this project and labor of love. It did not sell but was bidded up to $16K – that says a lot about the original price was $13K. Recent other auctions have seen MK1 GTi’s go for $11K on Bring A Trailer as well as on eBay. So back to my original thought of “What if”… Is there something I should be buying now for a sale in the future? Hmmmm

Here are a couple of highlights of this 1992 Volkswagen GTi 16v:

MK2 GTi Black MK4 Dash installed

MK2 GTi Black Custom leather door panel

Custom leather door panel on a MK2 Volkswagen GTi 16v

MK2 GTi Black Custom leather trunk false floor

Custom leather trunk false floor

MK2 GTi Black Custom Tan leather Recarros

Recovered Recarro seats

MK2 Volkswage GTi 16v BBS Replica (larger size)

MK2 Volkswagen GTi 16v BBS Replica (larger size)


Other features are many but… the main topic today is this restored and modified GTi that was auctioned off on bring a trailers site (link is below). I enjoy many VW’s over the years, but there is something about the MKII chassis GTi.

This 1992 Volkswagen Golf GTI was purchased by the seller in 2001 as a stock 16V. The turbocharged 1.8L four and a 5-speed manual from a 2001 GTI have been added, and the car was repainted in Brilliant Black. Many additional modifications to the suspension, brakes, interior, and engine have also bee

Source: 1.8T-Powered 1992 Volkswagen GTI | Bring a Trailer

Do you have a “What if” scenario? If so, just comment below…

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