Tesla Semi concept truck

Well the guys at Tesla revealed last night a new Semi truck to the world. I have not read everything but it is an interesting topic.

The truck is not the most attractive vehicle in the world, but the business case has little to do with looks.

Here are some of the specs:

  • Independent motors provide maximum power and acceleration and require the lowest energy cost per mile.
  • Up to a 500 mile range with 80,000 pounds.
  • 0-60 of 20 seconds with a full load. A little odd to have this as a measurement. Not exactly a real factor about moving 80,000 pounds. Interesting but a little odd – almost like they don’t understand the industry.
  • Center driver seating position.
  • Low center gravity – anti roll over (this is a little BS’y). Roll over on a Semi is not exactly tied to the truck. A load on a trailer can shift and cause a roll over situation. Typically a good driver understands how to handle curves and exit ramps from highways to handle this type of situation. So I call bs on this one.

There is more on the truck below linking to there rather shallow of a page and information. My concern of course working for two of the best trucks in the world is an additional player in the market. Right now Tesla can’t get the new model 3 car off the plant floor with horrible results in production – but they have cash and should be able to resolve the problem.

Of course everyone in the industry is looking to electrification. We have today a MACK Truck in California that is essentially an electric Yard truck. We have electric Volvo city busses with really neat overhead charging stations at bus stops.

There is a bright future in our world that I can’t talk about publicly.

Tesla being the disrupter in the industry is nothing new to the automotive world and now stretching legs…

Time will tell – this raises more questions in my mind about the future of Tesla and can they focus on getting the first job done that has been difficult to finish?

Interesting times we live in, interesting times indeed…

Read more on the Tesla site hereTesla Semi Truck

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