What can you do in 42 Seconds? Bugatti Chiron and the amazing ride

I saw this press release (one of the companies I follow is Bugatti) about the new Bugatti Chiron. This is the car to replace the previous Bugatti Veyron (a 16 piston (W16) quad-turbo beast). They setup this stunt to clock the car going from 0 to 249 MPH and back to 0 (all in 42 Seconds)… and they did it.

Lets say it again, but out-loud this time. 0 to 249 MPH back to 0 in 42 seconds. If you think this is a World Record, you would be correct. Their press release outlines the experience they had to achieve this feat of warp speed: Go here to read about the event.

Here is a snip-it from the Bugatti press release converted for us on this side of the pond.

  • 41.96 seconds for acceleration from a standstill to 249 Miles Per Hour and braking to a stop
  • The fastest time ever reached and officially measured for this driving maneuver for a production vehicle throughout the world
  • Bugatti confirms the exceptional position of the Chiron in terms of acceleration and braking and its leading role in the extreme performance range
  • World record set by Juan Pablo Montoya, winner of the Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix, two-time winner of the Indy 500 and three-time winner of the Daytona 24 Hours
  • Montoya: “It is really impressive how stable and consistent the Chiron is. Its acceleration and braking are simply incredible.”
  • For 0-249-0 mph, the Chiron only needed a distance of 1.93 miles
  • The test run was supervised and officially certified by SGS-TÜV Saar
  • 0-249-0 record is the first step to a new world speed record for production vehicles planned by Bugatti for 2018
  • Bugatti President Wolfgang Dürheimer: “300 of the limited series of 500 Chiron have already been sold. The success story of this exceptional super sports car continues.”

I immediately thought what this would do physically to the human body. Almost like a having a real time facelift for the first 30 seconds, then reverting it back or even making you look older once the car came to a stop. I know I would have an eternal smile from ear to ear. It would be hard to reverse that plastic surgery. If you listen to the orchestra of Turbos (4 of them), cylinders (16 of them), Manual Automatic transmission and exhaust all in concert with one another, it makes me think it must be amazing to ride in one of these in person.

Watch the Bugatti Chiron workout

If you don’t get goose bumps after watching that, you need to turn up the sound or call a paramedic. I think Batman needs a new ride.

So now you know what the Bugatti can do in 42 seconds, then I decided to ask some people on Facebook what they could do.

Here are the top answers.

  1. Pray(3 people said this) & Reflecting on life (2 people said this)
  2. Brush your teeth? (3 people said this) EWWWW You guys fail – the ADA recommends 2 minutes > see read for yourself!
  3. Cuss someone out properly – What?
  4. Do something with Food: Eat a Pretzel, Make Chocolate Milk, eat a Samich, drinking beer, Make a pot of coffee, make dinner
  5. Listen, answer or ignore 42 questions from your kids :)
  6. Comment on Facebook posts (I don’t know if this one was done sarcastically or not… hmmm).
  7. 40 push ups (an underachiever made this comment LOL).
  8. Empty Trash cans (my brother in-law suggested this) I told him what are kids for?
  9. 0-60 in a minivan… I have to talk to my friend about getting a turbo for his wife’s ride.
  10. Some private responses: make woopie – a whole 42 seconds? really?

All of these things are great suggestions for use of your time, in my mind the better thing to do is enjoy the space shuttle ride horizontally in the Bugatti.

Oh I missed this one: It also takes 42 (well maybe not 42 maybe 20) seconds to browse this Amazon gallery below of the Bugatti – get a wall poster, die cast, t-shirt or a Lego Bugatti!

As a car guy, this is the thing that dreams are made of. I am sure, if you had enough cash (they cost $3 Million) you would appreciate this Hypercar (ultra-exotic high-performance cars).
*Side note: super cars are now demoted (like the Porsche 911 turbo, those old things are just not rare or exotic enough anymore).
What hope is there now for humanity?

Amazon Bugatti Chiron Items For sale

As a middle class guy I believe things out of reach are part of life. They should be set as goals and dreams. Most of the time, that is all they ever will be. To some respect where they should stay. However that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t shoot for the stars and set a goal either. Keep dreaming big and big things will happen, maybe not what you thought would happen but big things.

So I will dream and shoot to have one of these in a couple of years, hopefully that means a new Audi RS7… I am fine with that.

Enjoy the Gallery (If you are looking for a Wallpaper for your phone, or your computer – there is a link to the high resolution version in the bottom right corner. Download a Bugatti Chiron Wallpaper today.

Bugatti Chiron Gallery

Bugatti Chiron, the most powerful, the fastest, the most luxurious and the most exclusive production super sports car.
Source: Chiron Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S.  / http://www.bugatti.com

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