Heathrow Garden Gate – using your iPhone Camera for Close up pictures

Just a simple post today, working on a YouTube video for my daughter and as it is uploading I thought I would add these pictures from my phone. I was on my way back from Sweden a couple of months ago and captured these pictures in the Heathrow Airport. One of the gates had a wall garden – pretty cool.So I stopped to snap some photos while I was waiting to load the plane.

If you hold your iPhone very still, tap the screen to adjust the camera it can really take some amazing pictures. Great lighting (like this wall) also helps. Take several snaps to ensure you captured the best picture possible.

Check the gallery:

By clicking on an image in the gallery, you can also download the full resolution image. It is really amazing at full resolution.

Check out these iPhone lenses to enhance you photos even more using your iPhone.

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So next time you ware in London – and at Heathrow look around for the Heathrow Garden Gate and use your iPhone Camera to take some pictures!


About this post: this post was created using my iPhone 6 in the WordPress app. Photos/Video was taken from my iPhone. I used WordPress to modify the images down to a more consumable size.

  1. Learn how to use WordPress to modify image sizes.
  2. Learn how to use your phone and the WordPress app to publish posts and updates to your site!

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