The Soul of a Porsche known as a 1994 VW Corrado SLC VR6

I saw this video on YouTube about a 1994 Volkswagen Corrado VR6 SLC – which brought back instant memories for me. This was my first new car I purchased as a young adult. It was a drivers dream car at the time (maybe today too). Almost too good for the time as it out shined the competition in many head to heads. However it’s downfall was the cost. The sticker on My Black on Tan 1993 Corrado SLC VR6 was $24,000.  Put together by Karmann Coachworks (Yes I know what you are going to say Karmann Ghia they made that too) it was a unique car to say the least. Interesting fact about Corrado’s, Cosmo magazine did analysis on the registered owners and they found out 97% were owned by males so this was a dudes dude car.

Buy this MOMO Steering wheel seen on this Corrado!

My car was Black on Tan 1993 Corrado SLC VR6 – the VR6 engine sounded like a cross between a Ferrari and a V6 Nissan 300Z. My buddy Neil @ Neil Tolbert – had a Green on Tan 93 and another friend Chris had a 91 Blue on Grey… Oh yeah and Derek is out there somewhere… He had a wonderful color (almost a hue of orange) Red on Black 93 – a real beautiful car.

This car in these picture and the YouTube clip went for $24K with 67K miles on her. Examples in this kind of shape pull in their value. I should have kept mine – I bought it for $18K way back when. What a wonderful car, really miss it… I did pick up a 91 Corrado (Supercharged 4 banger) and sold it a while back which was for sale on Craigslist recently. The Supercharged engine was nice – and had it unique points but the VR6 is something that dreams are made of.

Corrado Gallery (My cars are at the bottom) – Check out the vintage Oki Hard Mount Phone from 95 :)

Thats right, its true…I’m selling my prized Corrado.  I never thought I would do this, but my wife and I just bought a new home and we need the cash for

Source: Selling a unicorn | wheelie-cool

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