iPhone Pictures at Cars and Coffee Winston Salem, North Carolina

Just putting up another gallery tied to my constant post concerning using an iPhone for images on your website. Most of the pictures here are not of the entire car but are more from capturing their wheels and brakes. I also threw in a couple galleries around the logos the vehicles but more less it was all for fun.

*Note – all images are untouched and unedited (they are full resolution so the page might be a little slow) – but worth it…

In Winston-Salem off of Renolda Road there is a boutique shopping center right next to Wake Forest university called Renolda village.

On this particular day there were several Ferrari 488 Spider, Lamborghini Huracan, Porsche’s 911 is 914’s and a 912. The normal Mustangs of many years including a new GT 350 (very nice car). Several years Corvettes and Camaro’s littered the field. There were also some unusual vehicles that showed up like a Yes Roadster.

Here are a couple of galleries (click on the images to see full resolution)!

Wheels, Rims, Mags or whatever you call them, I say they are cool. All photos taken with an Apple iPhone.

A couple of needed accessories for your phone to take great pics.

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The Cars and badges – shot using an Apple iPhone 6

About this post: this post was created using my iPhone 6 in the WordPress app. Photos/Video was taken from my iPhone. I did not use WordPress to modify the images down to a more consumable size – but you can check out how to below.

  1. 6 tips on how to use your iphone for pictures
  2. Learn how to use WordPress to modify image sizes.
  3. Learn how to use your phone and the WordPress app to publish posts and updates to your site!


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