Fidget spinners – inventor isn’t making a penny

Catherine Hettinger, from Florida, came up with the concept 20 years ago as a way of occupying her daughter, but they have recently become a craze and tens of millions of units have now been sold.

Source: Fidget spinners inventor isn’t making a penny | Daily Mail Online

The new toy that teachers would rather not exist at this moment in time. The new trend of Fidget Spinners. A lesson here is that if you come up with an idea, you pay for a patent perhaps you should stay committed.
Never give up your dream. It is only you who can sit down and let it go.

The rich never give up on their passions, I have seen this first hand. I have seen where they teach their kids to never settle for anything. Grades, “cheap” products, bad attitudes and it goes on and on. Is it easier for them to teach their children this? perhaps but something the middle class lacks is discipline to see it through.

A JustGiving page has even been set up, attempting to raise $26,000  for her, to make up for her profits that never came to be. So perhaps mankind can be saved by a few people who think about someone else then themselves?


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