DIY: Replacing a Seat Cover in your car

IF your car need a new seat cover (for whatever reason) you can follow this DIY: Replacing a Seat Cover in your car – Removal and Installation of a Factory Replacement

My daily driver is a Volkswagen Jetta MKV (that is Mark 5 for U.S. people) but it is the same seat used in the (VW) Golf, GTI or GLi cars. Also many other manufactures have similar designs including Honda, Acura, Audi, Toyota, Mercedes or and BMW. Most of the European and Japanese car seats have very similar architecture and come apart and go back together the same way.

My seat bottom on the drivers side had a hole in the side bolster and the rest of the seat was literally breaking down. You will see in the video how you can change your cover. This also will be a good reference if you want to remove your covers and wash / clean them.

Here are the steps I followed:


  • Ordered and found on eBay this cover that cost me $75 including free shipping. A new replacement was $300 and I had a local interior repair shop give me an estimate of $300 to patch my existing seat (I bet that would have looked great? – uh no).
  • Removed Seat
  • Cut the old seat cover off (take care IF you have a heated seat)
  • Removed the foam
  • Cut the heated seating element to allow installation of the new cover.
  • Put foam in place, and snapped the cover over the new foam (or old if that is all you have)
  • Re-install and inspect seat

Tools and products Used:
1. Socket tool:
2. Socket Tool Kit:
3. DuraGloss Interior Cleaner:
4. Soft Brush:

So hopefully this DIY: Replacing a Seat Cover in your car inspires you enough to find a seat cover on ebay and tackle the job yourself.

About this post: this post was created using my iPhone 5C in the WordPress app. Photos/Video was taken from my iPhone. I used WordPress to modify the images down to a more consumable size.

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