Using your smart phone for a fast check out

If you hate long lines you’ll love Using your smart phone for a fast check out.

The folks over at Sam’s came up with the ingenious idea. You all have seen the self check out slots at many retailers. However what Sam’s Club has done is at the next level. I believe this will be the future of shopping.

Sam’s Club created a wonderful app for your phone that ties to your Sam’s Club account called Scan & Go. All you need to do is go out to your local App Store (Apple App store or Google Play store). Search for Sam’s Club and you’ll be able to download the app for your phone. Now once you have the app loaded you can login with your Sam’s Club account. *Note: If you don’t have a Sam’s Club online account you can register using your Sam’s Club membership. Finally add your favorite credit card information (it doesn’t have to be a Sam’s Club card either or Master Card). Recently changed at Sam’s allows us to use Visa cards that was only possible to use at the gas pump.

Once you’re done it’s a matter of a couple clicks and you’ll have your phone ready to go and be a bar-code reader.

How to use Sam’s Club Scan & GO:

Open up the app, then start to scan by tapping on the bottom green button on the screen. This will bring up the scanner using the camera on the backside of your phone. Hover over any bar-code and it will add it to your shopping cart on your phone.


Once you’re done scanning it will give you a list of the items in your shopping cart. This will include the name of the item, pricing and quantity.


Once you’re done shopping, select the checkout button and you’re ready to roll.

Show your phone to the Sam’s Club representative at the exit and they’ll validate your receipt with their phone. And you’re off to the races you just saved about 30 minutes waiting in line.

Keep in mind just because it says a smart phone app it doesn’t mean that it can’t be loaded on a tablet. As long as your tablet has a camera on the backside or even the front for that matter this app should work for you.

The app also has a social feature so you could share with your husband or wife friends and other family members.

Here is a couple other shots from the Sam’s Club website & description on the Apple App Store.

“Shop & scan, pay & go – that’s it!

Save time by scanning your items when you add them to your shopping cart. Then check out and pay with the app, and your receipt appears on your phone. Show the receipt to the exit greeter and you just beat any long checkout lines.

How Scan & Go works:

1. While you are in the club, open the app and scan each item’s barcode. No barcode? You can look up an item quickly in the search bar.
2. As you shop, you’ll see the running total of the items in your cart.
3. Check out and pay in the app.
4. Show the receipt from your phone on the way out.

Don’t forget – you can share this app with your friends and neighbors.”

Steps 1, 2 and 3


Using your smart phone for a fast check out Sam's Club Scan & Go

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2.Using your smart phone for a fast check out Sam's Club Scan & Go

3.Using your smart phone for a fast check out Sam's Club Scan & GOQuick Links:

Look at the ratings from users!

Using your smart phone for a fast check out Sam's Club Scan & Go

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Using your smart phone for a fast check out Sam's Club Scan & Go

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I know I am enjoying using this tool and I think it might be the best app I have used as it has real purpose (outside of my WordPress app) :). I hope you will be using your smart phone for a fast check out soon!

About this post: this post was created using my iPhone 6 in the WordPress app. Photos/Video was taken from my iPhone. I used WordPress to modify the images down to a more consumable size.

  1. Learn how to use WordPress to modify image sizes.
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