6 tips on how to use your iPhone for springtime photos

Today I am going to give you 6 tips on how to use your iPhone for photos.

Spring is early here in the south, and perhaps in your neck of the woods too! I’ve blogged about this topic “using an iPhone for taking pictures” for my “your” web site for a while. It has been met with good reviews and people really did not think it was possible.

Anytime I can add to a subject (I should do it more) and I have a moment, I do. It just so happens on my way home from work today, I saw my Japanese Plumb tree budding. Great! Another opportunity to blog and I grabbed my phone to take some shots before the sun went down.

6 tips on how to use your iPhone for spring time photos

Notice how the background is out of focus? Tapping your phone screen will allow the phone to focus on a subject.

6 tips on how to use your iPhone for spring time photos

These ended up working out great! Look at the detail of the flower. It is amazing how well this camera can zoom in on small objects.

It is not easy to take great photos with a Phone. However, with these 6 tips on how to use your Phone for spring time photos it will be a piece of cake!

  1. Make sure the lens on you phone is clean. Just think of all the places your phone had been and how dirty the lens is. Use a soft cloth to wipe it clean, if really dirty use an alcohol swab.
  2. Always hold your phone Sideways. This turns your phone into its HD (or think about it like 16×9 – like your TV) you want to fill up the screen space with as much information (resolution) as possible. This also puts your phone into 720p HD for video (or better depending on your phone)
    1. If you’re running iOS 9 on an iPhone 6, 6 Plus, or newer, you can change the resolution of the back camera. A lower-quality setting can be the way to go if you’re low on storage, or if you simply don’t HD in 1080p.
    2. To make the switch is easy.
      Go to Settings > Photos & Camera, tap either Record Video or Record Slow-mo, and select your preferred resolution from the listed options.
    3. Default is 720p @ 30 frames per second, 1080p @30 FPS, 1080p 60 FPS and in 4K for 6s or Plus and higher.
    4. iPhone 7 also has higher resolution and the ability to take 8-megapixel still photos while recording 4K video.
  3. If you have a tripod with a phone adapter (like this Fotopro 39.5 Inch Aluminum tripod) use it. Just like larger cameras, the more stable your phone the better and clearer the image will be.
  4. IF you have an iPhone’s, slightly tap the screen to focus in on a subject. While the iPhone is not a Canon EOS Rebel T6 Digital SLR it digitally mimics “focus” on a subject.
  5. HDR – turn HDR on to get the best possible color and focus corrections. This merges two images to make one image – that will add color depth to your image as well.
  6. Finally, slowly tap the shutter. Try not to shake your phone. Take a couple of snaps (they are free)!

*If you have a Samsung phone or an Android phone most of these steps will work for you. Now sit back and publish the pictures to enjoy on your web site or share on social media.

6 tips on how to use your iPhone for spring time photos

About this post: this post was created using my iPhone 6 in the WordPress app. Photos/Video was taken from my iPhone. I used WordPress to modify the images down to a more consumable size.

  1. Learn how to use WordPress to modify image sizes.
  2. Learn how to use your phone and the WordPress app to publish posts and updates to your site!

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