Free Thanksgiving wallpaper for your phone!

I know what you’re thinking, how can it get any better than this? Turkey and a free Thanksgiving wallpaper for your phone! ?

I simply wanted to share these photos with you, I thought they turned out rather well. The color is quite amazing. Now you can match your phone to the Thanksgiving holiday today.

Yesterday on the way in from a shopping spree, the sun was hitting these trees perfectly in my neighborhood. So I snap a couple pics. I checked and these resolutions work great on iPhones and android devices. If there are at Any BlackBerry people out there somewhere among the trees this might work for you too.

If you haven’t saved an image from a website to your phone just Press and hold and you can save the image locally. Then go into your settings and modify your wallpaper/background image.

We hope that you and your family have a great and wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. Don’t eat too much and get some exercise after you do eat you’ll thank yourself later!

Free Thanksgiving wallpaper for your phone!

Free Thanksgiving wallpaper for your phone!

About this post”Free Thanksgiving wallpaper for your phone!”: These photos were taken using a Apple iPhone 6. The photos are in full resolution using the standard camera that comes with an Apple iPhone 6. This post is being done from an Apple iPhone 6 and using the WordPress app. See this post to learn how to use WordPress to modify image sizes.

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