iPhone video with Kittens drinking from baby bottles

Ok – quick post up tonight just to cover a video using an iPhone 6 with Kittens drinking from bottles. The video content is good but the quality is not because of a couple of reasons. I could have tweaked the video using my editing software, but I like to put up raw videos with little to no manipulation except for what is on YouTube. So I only used the YouTube video capture app to create this video.

What I would do differently?

  • Add additional lighting to the room. iPhones tend to not do too well with low light situations for video. Photo’s iPhones do great in low light.
  • I could have added a remote light of some type (flashlights can add enough light sometimes by pointing at the ceiling to give you just enough light). Or by grabbing a balloon and pointing the flashlight to the balloon.
  • Adjust my Tripod before starting… Hey when you have hungry kittens what are you going to do?

Either way, next time I will do more to capture a quality video and perhaps edit it before uploading… but either way – we were pretty happy with capturing this moment.

Until next time!

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