Use your iPhone for photos on your website

Another quest and opportunity to let you know that you should be using your iPhone for photos on your website. The overall intention is to show how good an iPhone camera can be. I have used my iPhone 5C and now my iPhone 6 for various images on this web site. Could a professional camera work better? Yes indeed, however if you have a decent eye – you can do amazing things with an iPhone 5, iPhone 6 (6 plus) or the new iPhone 7.

Also this is not a biased review, I do know that the Samsung phones are actually on par and in some respects like low light and video are better than the iPhones. However this is what I have today so we will roll with it!

First stop was London for a day, and a stop at the Free The British Museum. My passion here was to see all of the artifacts from the Persian empire, Egyptian empire and the Greeks.

Landing in Heathrow, I decided to catch the Underground to get downtown. 15 stops later and I was just a block away from the British Museum. It is rather impressive (the building and the content). It is worth the time even if for a couple of hours. You can see things that you have seen or heard about for years.

Once in Sweden we had really good weather for the most part until mid week. However a storm blew in and out just before dinner. Since we were staying on the “Volvo” island we had to take the local ferry into town for dinner. Fortunately, the lighting was almost perfect and so was the food!

The British Museum – just a short YouTube clip to show the glass ceiling and how neat it is with passing clouds. This is one area the iPhone6 could be a little better (lighting for video) but the new iPhone7 is said to correct these problems. The overall intention here is to add additional content to your YouTube channel – to drive traffic to your web site. More video (even if short clips) helps in your YouTube ranking.

So are the pictures good enough for your web site? Can you use your iPhone for your website? I think so. Every time I think about buying a high end point and shoot, I get amazing pictures from a phone. Maybe you too, should be using your iPhone for photos on your site!

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Links to the places I visited.

British Museum
Great Russell Street
London WC1B 3DG

Phone: +44 20 7323 8299

Moon Tai Kitchen 
Kristinelundsgatan 9
411 37 Götebor, Sweden
Phone: +031 – 774 28 28

SMAKA – great place for traditional Swedish Meatballs and excellent fish.
Vasaplatsen 3
Götebor, Sweden
Phone: +4631132247

Raddison Blue – River Side – 4 Star hotel
4 Lindholmspiren,
417 56, Gothenburg, Sweden

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