East Coast faces gas shortages Gas Pipe Leak

We had a wonderful weekend trip to Grandpa and Grandma’s in Flat Rock, North Carolina this weekend. On Saturday morning we visited Triple Falls at DuPont Forrest State Park, and Brevard Collage (where my wife went to school).

We quickly started seeing people waiting in long lines at gas stations. We found out that the East Coast faces gas shortages because of a Gas Pipe Leak. At first we thought it was a fluke and a local event we did not pay too much attention, however it is not.

The further we drove back to Grandpa’s house – we learned by scanning news sites and reports on Facebook that gas in the South-East will be scarce over the next week. Every gas station was either out of gas or the lines were into the streets. Just because of this, on our way home we stopped by the only gas station with fuel. They only had 93 octane left, so I topped off the tank and we headed back to Grandpa’s house.

This made me think of what to do if I was at home right now. Here is my short list.

  • Try to find gas and fill up your cars.
  • Go over to the grocery store – it might be a while before everything returns to normal!
  • Minimize your trips around town until supply is returned to normal levels.

The pipeline’s operator has said full service will not be restored until at least next week. So this means we don’t know when we would have a normal supply at gas stations. Also the Governor of North Carolina and Georgia already declared a state of emergency due to this event. So they are trying to limit peoples travel, and that won’t work too well with a “normal” work week.

More From CNN:

“Prices have yet to move much. They’re only up a penny or two in the last week in states such as Georgia, South Carolina and Tennessee, according to AAA.

But gas prices could spike by as much as 15 cents per gallon or more in those three states, as well as North Carolina and Virginia, in the next week according to GasBuddy.com analyst Patrick DeHaan.”

East Coast faces gas shortages Gas Pipe Leak in most/all south eastern states.

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