Volkswagen Jetta YouTube Playlist

For over a year, I have been driving a Mark 5(MKV) Volkswagen Jetta Wolfsburg edition as my daily driver. She is not a garage queen, a sporty GLi Jetta sedan or as nice as my old Audi A3 – but she is good to get me to and from work.

On a side note: If you didn’t know, VW identifies a body style using the term “Mark” (like many companies) to track versions. Mark I(1) for example; tells you what chassis the body design/style is based on (1st generation). The current version of the Golf/Jetta is based on the Mark 7 MQB Chassis. This chassis is used on almost every model they sell. It has been a long journey to get here: the coveted original hot hatchback (pocket rocket) Golf GTi is celebrating it’s 40th year of production.

Golf GTI Clubsport S

The Golf GTI Clubsport S is the most powerful ever version of the Golf GTI and was built to celebrate 40 years of the iconic hot hatchback.

So now – back to the Jetta… it had 100K miles on it when I purchased it, today 112K. For the most part it has been bullet proof. A couple of annoying issues here or there to resolve – but it was well maintained (bought from a female friend who was the original owner) well and has been a really good car.

I wanted to add some content from YouTube to help drive traffic to both channels (my blog and YouTube. I also added a really neat plugin for YouTube reporting – so this gives me the chance to try it out.

How to use YouTube to generate content for your site!?

Did you know you can take a list of your videos and drop them in the HTML using the “Text” control tab, to display a playlist from YouTube and integrate it into your site?

Follow these steps to add a YouTube playlists to your site:in this example, my Volkswagen Jetta YouTube Playlist.

1. Browse to a YouTube playlist (can be yours or someone else).
2. Select the “Share Button” and Embed Tab.
3. The copy the “hyperlink” text and drop into the “Text” view of the WordPress editor.

Volkswagen Jetta YouTube Playlist

Volkswagen Jetta YouTube Playlist

The text looks something like this:

*Note: You can modify the dimensions of the playlist (width and height) in YouTube by selecting the advance controls by selecting “Show More).

This is nothing new – but if you have not used playlists before it is an easy way to add content to your web site, even if you did not create the content.

Finally IF you did not create the content, periodically review the playlist. It is possible that someone will take down a video and if you do not know it is gone – it will show up with an error on your site. This can cause confusion for your readers, so any way you can stop that from happening the better.

This will get you on your way to adding a playlist similar to my Volkswagen Jetta YouTube Playlist.

So the final question you might be asking is the Dashboard view – what does it look like for YouTube reporting, and where does it go?

When you add “Plugins” in WordPress, you have many options. Typically you can find Plugins from various companies that you are consuming information from. YouTube is one of them. I wanted to get stats on my site next to my google analytics statistics. This plugin did the job.

YouTube Dashboard for WordPress

YouTube Dashboard for WordPress – quickly see the performance of your YouTube channel.







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