Misfit Shine Fitness and Sleep Monitor

As we get closer to summer, I am doing what 10’s of thousands (millions perhaps) of people are doing. Getting more activity daily to prep for summer time and and shed a couple of extra pounds from the winter lull. My target is to get my total steps count for the day up to 10,000. To track my progress, I have been using the Misfit Shine Fitness and Sleep Monitor, so far it has told me my average steps are limited to 5-6K steps.

My total goal is to know what my averages are so when winter comes I can step up some type of activity to keep the weight off. There are multiple products on the market to track your activity and step count, Misfit however is a little different. Misfit does not have a heart beat monitor as it is a simple movement (think pedometer) device. What it lacks in total functionality it makes up in not needing a daily charge. Most fitness bands need to have daily to weekly charge sessions to keep working. The Misfit device’s battery lasts for six months without needing to change the battery (an CR 2032 ).


Shine holds up to 30 days of your activity data. Sync Shine regularly to ensure the most detailed data has been downloaded onto the app. Shine begins recording data for each day at midnight, when its display resets. Information from the previous day is stored in it’s memory and will be transferred to the app at the next sync.

My wife and my oldest daughter are very happy with them. They have a pink and turquoise colored shell. So, YES they come in multiple colors, see the links below you’ll be able to order one from Amazon. Note it does not have a heartbeat or pulse monitor or anything like that, it is strictly tracking amount of movement that you have. This includes when you’re sleeping.


If you wear Shine to bed, it can automatically track:
– When you fell asleep
– Duration of sleep
– Duration of light and restful sleep
– When you woke up

The App

Misfit Shine Fitness and Sleep Monitor So how do you get the information from this small device? You will need an Apple device, android device (Including Amazon Fire – what my daughter uses) to download the app from the various stores. Keep in mind your device must have BlueTooth. Check the Misfit web site for specific compatibility issues (Like Windows 10)Then the app helps you get to estimates of the amount of steps and also tracking you’re sleeping by telling you how long you are awake how long you are in deep sleep and how long you’re in light sleep. The app also let you identify certain activities more or less a timer so you can record how long you been exercising. Using this information the app then interprets the amount of steps plan or activity that you have left to reach your goal for the day.





You can also track specific activities.

Misfit Shine Fitness and Sleep Monitor

Show your daily progress to your set goal

The custom activity tag can be set in the app to track:



You can wear it just about anywhere with various “accessories”

Right upfront just to let you know I’m using my iPhone and the WordPress app on my phone to create this post. If you haven’t used the WordPress app yet, it literally took me 10 minutes to create this post when you’re sitting at a restaurant picking up dinner. I did need to add some images from some other sources and the links below from Amazon – but you can get the idea. Rapid way to get your thoughts out.

Get your Misfit today


Cool accessories

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