4 Ways to Make your Business successful

I am sure you have heard it before “4 Ways to Make your Business successful”, there are no tricks or gimmicks here only simple ways to turn a coin. So the first question is “Do you have an online presence (web site)? You have the OPPORTUNITY to promote items tied to your business using affiliates. Your web site, like foot traffic can give you great touch points and you should seek to exploit them at every turn.

Today most people are not making purchasing decisions at a drop of a hat, times are tight. Buying cycles are longer, so you need to keep your potential customers engaged with multiple items of interest.

Depending on your business, the season etc., foot traffic to your local store maybe slow or busy. At the end of the day you count up what happened for the day, some days better than others. What if though, you could keep your “Door” open overnight or on the weekends? A 24×7 store?

Depending on your business and items you want to keep in stock, having a program like the Amazon affiliate program is not only good for Bloggers (like on my site) but also for businesses to supply and or extend the reach of your business. I know of several businesses that would never carry “X” product because of financial reasons (they don’t want to take revenue or cash/credit) from other products in their stores. However, they have a broad customer base and it would make sense to promote these items on their web site to make a commission on them.

In this business case – I am using my affiliate account from Amazon. It is easy to find just about anything from Amazon these days, from grocery store items to high end furniture. So, more than likely they will have something you could use that compliments your content on your web site.

How does it work?
With the simple tool, you can choose several ways to link to Amazon.com from your site.

To add compelling content and enhance your site, you can add Links within your content and Native Shopping Ads at the end of your content. Simply browse and select the type of product you’d like to add, then follow instructions to get started. It is really that easy!

1. Simple small box banners that can be added to the side bar of your site or in a footer.


2. Larger banners that will help your users get to what interests them or expose them to new hot trends.



3. Banners that run from left to right – below your site header or above the footer.



4. Finally, if you have a page of your products you sell online – shake the content up with complimentary items tied to the subject at hand. For example:

Blueberry Pet Easter Spring 3M Reflective Multi-colored Stripe Dog Collar

  • Small Width 5/8″, Neck 12-16″
  • The collar is not for tie out. The black color buckles are made of ecofriendly plastic.
  • The 3M reflective threads are only stitched in part of the nylon webbing. Not the entire webbing is embedded with reflective threads.
  • The loop tied to the logo is specifically designed for the purpose of attaching dog charms, tags, pendants or accessories. Please do not attach any dog leash with this loop.
  • Please measure your pets carefully for making the right purchase. Always look at the size chart for the recommended weight range to confirm the size.

WE don’t carry these in stock.. however use these links from Amazon to get them in as little as 2 days!

It does not have to be Amazon – but it can all add up and get you some greenbacks for your work. My affiliate programs have paid for 3 years of hosting and registration of my site. It will only grow with time, and I look forward to residual income 24/7. Will I be able to retire from work? no and you won’t be able to close your store – but if you could add additional revenue to your bottom line then why wouldn’t you?

Don’t forget these easy 4 Ways to Make your Business successful using Amazon or any affiliate program you choose!

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