Register Your Business Online! Part 5 Google Plus

After a nice summer, it is time to start enjoying the cool weather of fall (my favorite time of the year). I don’t know if it is from memories as a child, high school or what, I just like the cool crisp morning air (not too cold) and warm afternoons and evening. So let’s continue in our series of registering your business online with this weeks post – Register Your Business Online! Part 5 Google Plus.

For our final part in this series about registering your business, we will discuss topics around creating a page for your business on social media. How important is it you might ask? Well, on a scale of 1-10 it all depends on your audience. It can be a Google plus page, Facebook or other social media platforms. The important part is knowing your customers, and how they want to communicate with you. If your customer base is not on social it may not be a factor for you. Also, if you are not comfortable you don’t have to use social media, however it can be helpful to get your message across in ways you may not know or understand today.

Think about these topics when looking at social media for your company.

  1. Who is your audience? Age groups, social activities (if you or your company takes part in these types of events).
  2. How do people perceive your company? Are you cutting edge, on the move or steady Eddie?
  3. You don’t need to try and deliver content to every platform, pick one and do it well.
  4. Be active if you make a choice to communicate with your customer base in social media. It does not need to be a huge production. For example: a simple hi and telling people about a new product shipment you just got in. Maybe off topic, something going on in your life that you appreciate? Sometimes it is about you… My last blog post was about my Audi A3 I just sold. We are all hit with daily messages of sell, Sell, SELL – it gets old. CLICK ON SOME AMAZON or GOOGLE LINKS FOR ME!!! YES – see what I mean?
    1. Target and stick to a schedule, some people recommend once a day to once a week – whatever works for you stick to it. Set aside 10 minutes in your day / week to actively participate with the schedule. Inform your users, nothing like peer pressure to keep you on track.
  5. Make your content count, make it purposeful and thoughtful. You want to drive a sense of community and help your company get the message out. I think of a company who has a business that is very technical in nature. Periodically they communicate the latest tech from their business on Facebook (products or did you know kind of information). It is not lengthy or supper hard to understand but is something you can digest quickly. Every-once in a while, I will go out to their web site and make a purchase or click on an advertisement to one of their affiliates. Not all the time but that is how I follow and engage them. Your customers will do the same.

Let’s jump into Google Plus:

  1. Go to this PAGE on GOOGLE
    Register Your Business Online! Part 5 Google Plus
  2. Now Select your business type – don’t worry this can be adjusted later – but it is an easy visual way to get into setting up your page.
    Register Your Business Online! Part 5 Google PlusKeep in mind if you have multiple locations you can too – create unique pages in Google or Facebook to accommodate and create unique communications.
  3. Next up is to create YOUR business page:

    Register Your Business Online! Part 5 Google Plus

    Google Plus Business Page

  4. Now once your page is created you will be brought to a similar page to when you registered your business with Google.Register Your Business Online! Part 5 Google Plus

Make all of the edits using the guide around your profile, Google will help you through the steps. Finally, tied to your page will be other Google services like analytics.

Register Your Business Online! Part 5 Google Plus

You will over some time start to get very good statistics and understand not only of your web site analytics but also how your Google plus page can help your business.

*Keep in mind Facebook has a similar functionality. Start with your own FaceBook page, and then request to create a business page. The process is very similar and easy to adapt to…

Hopefully this helped you in understanding on how to Register Your Business Online (Part 5 – Social Media).

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