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2008 Audi A3 – S-line Titanium Package

2008 Audi A3 S-Line Titanium Package car for sale…

Sold for $12,200 will miss her :( was a very fast and nice ride to work every day! This post is for my history but should also serve as a reminder that sometimes on your site, it is OK to talk about something off subject with well placed content. It can be about your company, what you are doing to contribute to your local community. Showcasing a customer story, how they ran 100 miles in the shoes they bought from you. At the end of the day, it is about traffic and recognizing that we as People need a little flavor to what we consume. Sometimes off topic info fulfils that need, not just sell, Sell, SELL. Don’t forget your Amazon links (as I have added here with the Amazon style call to actions) or links directly to your product pages. Finally use IMAGES – tell the story as much as possible using images.

 Rare S-Line Titanium package

(Blacked out Grill, wheels, Piano black trim on the interior)
S-line (Better seats, suspension lower)
White Exterior and Ebony Piano Black Interior. Equipped with Leather, Panoramic Dual Sunroof, Power & Heated Seats, DSG Manual Automatic transmission.

*Best Feature: Panoramic Dual Sunroof (on any A3 with a piano black roof) had built in screen just like a door on your house. Very handy to use anytime it is not raining, keep the roof open and no bugs, leaves etc. can get in!


OEM Monster rubber mats + Carpet mats BUY NOW


OEM Euro Aluminum pedals BUY NOW


OEM Euro Headlights BUY NOW


OEM Euro LED Halo Taillights BUY NOW


OEM Euro Shift boot to match S-Line sport seats stitching BUY NOW


BUY NOWClear bumper markers (on this color a must vs. the orange units look rather strange).


K&N Intake BUY NOW


Pioneer App Radio3 DVD Player for iPhone 4 / 5 connector and Android phones.BUY NOW


Yellow fog light Film BUY NOW


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Oil Changed at Flow Audi and other service items done there.
ONLY Shell 93 used

All highway miles (Previous owners drove on the highway to and from work)
92,400 miles and counting as this my daily driver.


Only issues: front bumper on the bottom has some scrapes and a couple of the wheels have some curbing all from previous owner. Must see! Similar to 2010 and newer VW GTi (Same chassis but better fit and finish on the interior).

Similar to VW Jetta GLi or VW GTi – BMW 325, Mercedes C-Class, Audi A4 and other higher end cars. I will miss my 2008 Audi A3 – S-line Titanium Package but it went to a good home!

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