Monetize Your Web Site (Part 2 Amazon)

I hope you enjoy this second installment on “How to Monetize Your Web Site (Part 2 Amazon)”. The intention is to help you make additional revenue using your existing web site.

I wanted to show you visually, how I am using my Amazon Affiliate account. The affiliate account is being used on my web site ( Last time we discussed how to deliver ads to my web site from Amazon. I was also in need to find and purchase new video/screen capture software for video. This is my first attempt at using this software, I have not done this in some time so I am a little rusty!

Monetize Your Web Site (Part 2 Amazon)

*Keep in mind, sometimes you just need to jump in. There are many things in this video (part 1 & 2) I would and will change in the future so please forgive the rough cut – it will get better I promise :).

1. YouTube Video (Video 1)

Any content you create on YouTube can be used as it is above… Don’t forget that YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world. You can do a simple video which will bring people to your web site.

Monetize Your Web Site (Part 2 Amazon)


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