How to Monetize Your Site? Part 1 Amazon

According to Websters dictionary, the definition of monetize is: to utilize (something of value) as a source of profit. This is how you should always view your web site, it is something of value beyond what you have viewed it as in the past. Many of you have asked me the question “how can I enable ads on my site to create additional revenue beyond it’s primary mission?”. In order to do this, we need to talk about what some of the basics are.

First up I will share a couple of thoughts about my Amazon affiliate account. We will discover in the near future together, how this translates into additional revenue in my monthly reporting.

You might ask, what does Amazon have that is so amazing? They take a different approach at looking at advertising than most well known affiliate/advertising programs. Their flexibility and depth of categories spans across multiple business types, 9 times out of 10 they will have something you would want to advertise on your site.

Let’s look at this example to see how you can use this service. Your company (and/or web site) sells colorful socks. You sell bright yellow socks, blue socks and every other color in between. However, you have no desire to make black socks and keep them in stock. You know some of your customers want them, and this is where an affiliate link like Amazon can come into play. Keeping your customers on your web site close to you vs. browsing the guys web site down the street.

“Why” use Amazon over Google or BING Ads?

1. Google and BING show ads based on your browsing history, recently you were browsing Best Buy’s web site and you keep seeing ads pop up from them on different web sites. Many web sites use this method for advertisements, however in this case you want your customers to be focused on your value, why you are here. This includes products you offer for sale, your valuable industry knowledge and guidance. It is worth more than you may know.

For example; have you have ever experienced browsing a web site, and see that TV you just looked at popping up on other web pages?  You might see these ads for weeks at a time. This is known as re-targeting, you were tagged browsing a web site and they use this technique to serve ads from Google or BING. This method works and you will get a check from company (x) for using their service, however it is not as effective in this case because we want to stay in context to the relation of your business.

Now think, what if you supplied a link to a high quality product that is listed in Amazon that you “approve” of and know is a good product? Something that compliments what you offer. If you sell socks, maybe a nice pair of ECCO Men’s Track 6 Low Plain Toe Oxford shoes?
Maybe you create a custom “Amazon Store”, listing the products you recommend to your customers. Now using ads from Amazon, you can get up to a 10% commission on the product sold. This is contextual advertising, using Amazon to make your web presence better for you, your customers and your bottom line.

First steps to signing up with Amazon.

2. To get going, you need to sign up with Amazon for their affiliate program here. Once approved, you can start to build your amazon store, capture unique product links and put the content on your web site. I won’t cover the technical steps today that is for another day, for this series I am only covering the benefits of the program.

Examples of Amazon ads.

3. Here are some other shortcuts to give you some ideas what types of ads you can use:

Movers & Shakers

Top Rated items like Go Pro Cameras

Hot new releases

  1. iFrame – “Ad” from Amazon


  2. Plain Text ad: Motorola Moto 360 – Black Leather Smart Watch

  3. Or display just a image.


As you can see, Amazon allows you to extend your web site/blog you are already paying for, to make “sales” 24/7. Even if you primarily do online business, you still have an opportunity to use ads to increase cash flow.

Give me some feedback and let me know your thoughts on this topic How to Monetize Your Site? Part 1 Amazon, more to come soon.

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