Can You and Your Company Afford to Ignore Chat?

Can You and Your Company Afford to Ignore Chat?

Many of you have asked me about various topics to include a good “Contact Us” solution for your web site. A simple solution I have been using for the past year or so is PureChat. I think it can fill a void in your web site you may NOT know you have. Keep in mind there are many other solutions for chat, but this is one that I prefer and I am / have an affiliate program with them.

Why a Chat tool? Why not Contact Us form?

  1. People today have changed how they want to communicate with a company (and people too).
  2. KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) Remember this term from School? This may not be a political correct statement however, if you are too sensitive stop reading my posts :). If you know your history it has nothing to do with one’s intelligence. Our world is very complicated, some would say overly complicated. When looking for tools I look for solutions that are up and running in a short period of time and can do double duty. In this case a chat tool and contact us solution all in one.
  3. How many devices hit your web site? PC’s, Phones, Tablets and Unknowns; does your site support a variety of technology? You need to make sure you can address everyone’s (within reason) needs who come to your site.

If you don’t have a PureChat account sign up here – there is even a free plan!

Why am I excited about this tool? Because it can literally change how people communicate with you.

Think about your phone and chatting with family or friend via text messaging. You don’t even think “how to use it” it just happens. Essentially that is what this tool allows you to do, chat with visitors on your web site. It is real time chat (Texting) with visitors to help seal a deal or maybe they have a simple question about inventory or ask if you could stay later so they could stop by and purchase a product. It is about sales, sales and more sales. People want quick responses to their questions. Studies show the rate of sales increases dramatically when you are able to answer questions quickly. This creates a sense of ownership and engagement and that is what your web site should be actively doing, (engaging people) and this tool (or others like it) can help you.

Let’s go through this example of what it could do on your web site…

  1. You have installed PureChat on your web site and it is displaying on all of your pages (my example is the “suggestion box” in the bottom right hand corner?).
  2. When you are not logged onto the PureChat site at a PC / Phone and your status is set to “Away” the chat box becomes a Contact Us solution. People can simply put in their name, email address and type a question to you (that is sent to the email address on your PureChat account). They also filter out SPAM as well!
  3. With the Phone App installed and connected to your account, it is literally like text messaging 24×7 until you exit or turn the status to away.
  4. You can have multiple operators (so if you have a “Team” that will moderate and answer texts they can have an account).
  5. It works not only for you as the “owner” but also if people come to your responsive (mobile friendly) web site. It adapts for those users and is 100% compatible.

To learn more watch the video below, then sign up here!

What can PureChat do for you? A web Swiss Army Knife you can use in multiple places for your business. Your WordPress site (uses a plugin), Other web site templates (HTML or other Solutions), EBay, Craigslist etc.. You can now extend your footprint using chat 24×7 with the SmartPhone app, and increase sales by engaging people quickly.

Added screen shots from my phone… so as a n end user you will see the following:

Browsing the site – bottom right hand corner “CHAT”

Chat With Your Customers!

Chat With Your Customers!

When selecting “Chat” you will be taken to a new window to chat.

Can You and Your Company Afford to Ignore Chat?

Don’t wait, jump in and adapt to using this simple tool. You, your business and more importantly your customers will thank you.

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