Register Your Business Online! Part 4 (Yelp)

Register Your Business Online! Part 4 (Yelp)

Our journey to get your business registered in all places known to man is almost done. Number five on our list is Yelp Business Listing. This site is similar in purpose to Yellow Pages I wrote about previously… If you read some of Yelps marketing statements below you can see why you need to register your business with them.

  • 82% of users visit Yelp with the intent to purchase from a local business (Nielsen, April 2013)

  • 89% of users who make a purchase at a business they found on Yelp do so within a week (Nielsen, April 2013)

  • #1 Yelp is the #1 local/regional website and mobile app (comScore, March 2014)

  • 142 million average monthly unique visitors in Q1 2015 (Google Analytics, Q1 2015)

More than likely you have clicked on a “Yelp” entry when searching for a business on your mobile device. Google / Bing / Yahoo will bring up these results too in search results on PC’s and mobile. This will ensure your business is discoverable across multiple sites and environments. So, how do you get on Yelp?

To start click here:

1. Search for your business, but if you don’t see it listed already then select the link at the bottom of the page to go to “Register”.

2. Now that you are listing your business, make sure to enter accurate information just like in Google and BING registrations. Select “Add business” to be registered.

Register Your Business Online! Part 4 (Yelp)

3. Now that you submitted your request, an email will go to the mailbox you registered tied to your business listing. Check your email to confirm your listing.

Register Your Business Online! Part 4 (Yelp)

4. Once you select the hyperlink in your email, you are taken to a page with this information. Yelp has a different validation process, sometimes they check your web site, call you or use other methods to validate your entry. Keep an eye out in your email for any further inquiries.

Register Your Business Online! Part 4 (Yelp)

Ok, now you are registered and you listing is approved what do you do? Keep in mind that Yelp has just like the report I had on BING here, reporting so you can see how your business is doing. These are free performance reports. Also keep in mind that you do not need to look at them every day. They are a tool to confirm how you are getting traffic. If you have an issue with people finding your store, or your web site – use these tools to find out why. Otherwise, set a reminder for yourself and or your marketing person to check these quarterly for discussions on various topics like CONTENT! for your web site.


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