Register Your Business Online! Part 3 (Yellow Pages)

Register Your Business With Yellow Pages

You are Here ->Ok, first off… I know, I know, I know… I did say that Yellow Pages is dead – yup. With that being said, their web site still rings in peoples minds as a cornerstone for business searches. Likewise, their companion site is for home phone numbers that we used to use in the back of a Yellow Pages phone book. They are still a player in the game of search engines simply because of history and people know what to expect.

As good as Google and Bing / Yahoo are, Yellow Pages is a niche product for searching business listings. As time goes on, Google and Bing are becoming better and better at the game of business listings and might one day be better overall in raw search engine results. Our goal in this series is to ensure your business is seen high and low on the internet, so that is why we are covering Yellow pages today.

A. How to sign up? There are 4 steps similar to Google and Bing…

  1. Basic Business Info
  2. Detailed Business Info
  3. Registration
  4. Verify Listing

This should almost be a breeze to you for signing up. Slide down the home page on until you get to this section shown below. Then select “Get Your Free Listing”.

Register Your Business With Yellow Pages1. Now search for your business to ensure it is or is not listed and fill out this form.

Register Your Business With Yellow Pages2. Page 2 of the form, has more detailed information about your business. Make sure you are very clear and keep it clean to not bog people with too much information.

3. Review your content and submit

4. Wait on your verification pin in the US Postal Service mail to your door. Use this PIN once you login to and complete the registration process.

Now you are ready to get this information from Google, Yahoo and now Yellow pages to validate your new business listings… You are about half way there in registering your business online… hold on, we will get you there step by step.


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