DIY: Register Your Business Part 1 on Google

DIY: Register Your Business Part 1 on Google

The years of getting a Yellow Pages phone book on your doorstep is virtually and physically done, gone and time to say Hasta la vista! However, you might ask what is a business to do? If you’ve had a PC, Tablet or Smartphone you more than likely have looked up a business on that device.

Sometimes you find only the hyperlink to the business’s web site vs. other times you get a link to a map and a location. You can keep paying Yellow Pages a high price for a web site and or a listing on but you do not need to.

  • You can hire a firm to help you “register” your company for online traffic or physical traffic to your door. Over the next couple of days in this series, you will be able to do this yourself at only the charge of your time. If you really need help, you can always contact me and I will help you.

Then you might be asking:

Q: “Do I need Google My Business if I already have a website?

A: YES – Google My Business complements your existing website by giving your business a public identity and presence on Google. The information you provide about your business can appear on Google Search, Maps, and Google+.”

This posting about “Register Your Business! Part 1 (Google)” is the first installment of many to keep you in the forefront of all places people maybe looking for you. Keep in mind both A & B steps below need to be done and there is not a magic pill or wave of a wand to get your company registered properly. No matter what you read on the various web sites you CAN do this yourself. Just follow the various steps and you will be listed on the Internet both in search engine results for web content and business listings.

  • A. Having analytics on your web site is an important step in getting your web site setup for monitoring. This step will get you statistics of your web site but it does not register your business listing with search engines.
  • B. Once you have all of your content setup  (even a basic level) go to the various search engines to register your company. This will not only ensure your web site is submitted to search engines but also to features on the various maps. When registered with the maps features, mobile users (as well as desktop / tablet users) will be able to find your business in the various map tools.

First up, we will look at Google to get your business up and going and allowing users near and far to find your brick & mortar location as well as your blog/business site.

Click here to start to Register your company at Google in 3 simple steps:

  1. Search for your company on Google Maps
Search for a Business on Google

2. Fill out the business information (Address, business name etc.).

Signing up for Google to Map to you.

3. Google will prompt you to review and submit to them your information.

4. After the previous step, you will be notified by mail in 1-2 weeks with a registration/confirmation code. Use this code to get listed on Google for your business.

Finally, once you are signed up – you can modify your Google+ page to show the various information tied to your business including your web address… Simply select “Edit”. When you get your postcard In the mail you will see this page again to enter the verification code on the postcard. This will set your registration live for all users to find and see.

Your Google+ Business Page

Now, was that all that bad? Sit back and pat yourself on the back. you just went through the process of Registering Your Business! Part 1 (Google).

1. You are Here -> Register Your Business Online! Part 1 – Get On Google

2. Register Your Business Online! Part 2 – Bing Places for Business

3. Register Your Business Online! Part 3 – Yellow Pages

4. Register Your Business Online! Part 4 – Yelp




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