The Best 404 Page to Generate Web Traffic

Can Errors like a 404 Generate Web Traffic?

For the past several weeks I have been tweaking sections of the site but not posting any blog posts. My goal for July is to prove what blog traffic can do and how it is different than normal “Page” content. I am dedicating enough content to have a blog post for almost every day of the month. It won’t be easy but I have been saving up topics to cover. Some of these topics will be from my crazy thoughts, some from suggestions from some of you like my wonderful Father in-law Frank (who shall remain anonymous). In August we will review the results and I will start to disclose the type of revenue I have gained over the past couple of months.

Drum roll….

To start, let’s talk about content. To figure out what content to create is difficult sometimes and it does not matter how big you are from a small business to large corporation. If it was easy, everyone would and could do it well. To be honest, you will hit some home runs and then you will have content no one cares about. However ALWAYS learn from what you did wrong, but also focus on what was done RIGHT! Don’t ever forget that… if you create content and get visitors from it look for the keywords and topics that people were looking for. Rinse and repeat, it is that simple. I can tell you this is my daily job and sometimes I fall into bad practices too. I have to remind myself to use my Analytic and other feedback tools like surveys or search results are there to help me make decisions.

Every once in a while, you will see create or see something of inspiration. A photo, a video or something to “enjoy” that has multiple dimensions. This very simple example below (concept wise but a couple of handful hours of coding to create), is a very effective traffic generator. So like this example, think out of the box for your content and people will visit your site from all over. Even if visitors don’t need your services today they will remember you tomorrow and or tell their friends. All of this adds to your bottom line, not just web traffic but traffic to support your business.

One of the best 404 error pages (page not found) known to man kind… If you were raised on PacMan that is:;skjdfas

Best 404 Page Ever Generate Web Traffic using a 404 Page Not Found









I hope this inspires some people to look at 404 pages in a different way. This should open your mind on how the Best 404 Page to Generate Web Traffic is within reach for your web site. Just experiment to see what you can come up with, then share it on social media.

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