WordPress Themes – Ensuring Cutting Edge Designs

A friend of mine just starting blogging, and this topic of themes for WordPress came up. Here are my thoughts on about themes in WordPress.

Your site should have visual appeal and impact on the users who are reading your blog. Depending on your purpose, there are many themes that will match what you are looking for. There are several tied or connected to several types of businesses; for example: my sisters site: www.blondemoments2.com is for her hair salon. The theme she selected worked out perfectly. We took her content from the old site and re-purposed it with the use of new images. The theme she is using was styled with salons and spas in mind.
WordPress Theme for Salons
To find a theme in WordPress, go to themes When searching in for themes in WordPress, look for the “Feature Filter” directly above the theme window. This will help you narrow your search results by selecting colors, layout like responsive design or subject that is really limited.

Looking good is a key component to keeping people once they are browsing your site. However, it is more than just looks that you also need to know about your users. How are they accessing your site? For example: Did you know that on April 21st 2015 Google will start to reduce ranking of sites that aren’t mobile friendly (i.e. responsive). Remember this term “Responsive”: It is important and maybe the primary factor when looking for a theme today to rank well.

If you already have a theme that is mobile friendly and you want to validate how Google see’s it, then follow these steps.

Google site validation
Analytics – make sure that you have Google Analytics installed or BING (both analytic tools are free). This helps you track who your users are. Analytics will inform you how many people are browsing your site with mobile devices. This will help you make a decision on how important the “best” theme is for being responsive to your traffic.

Step 1 to validate your theme:

To test your current site you need to submit your site to Google and BING/Yahoo to be indexed (if you have not done this step it can take up to 48 hours). Submit your site to Google

Submit Web Site to Google Search
Select the left box for overall web submission and for walk in or “local” business also use the right box.

Now submit your site to Bing/Yahoo (use the screen shot below for reference).

Bing and Yahoo Search Engine submision
To submit your web site to Bing and Yahoo – enter the URL and submit.

Step 2 validate your theme on a smart phone.

  1. Open http://www.Google.com on a mobile device (not on a desktop/laptop).
  2. Type and add in the search box: “site:YourDOMAIN/URL.com” then hit search. This will let you see if Google recognizes your web site URL as responsive/mobile friendly.
Google Responsive Ranking Validation.
This is the example of my site being identified as mobile friendly.
  1. Look for “Mobile-friendly” underneath each URL. All of your pages should have a mobile friendly tag – if not check the theme to ensure it is installed properly.
  2. What if most of your content is Friendly? But you do have some pages that are not? First, decide if you have the knowledge or skills to address this issue. If so, focus on the pages/posts that have the highest traffic first. It can be the theme causing some problems OR it could be that you added something on the page that does not adapt well (like a very large image). It can be simple or very difficult. You may want to switch to a mobile friendly theme or hire a developer to help get things fixed.



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