What was old is new – Google Maps and PACMAN

I wrote about in the article on the new Porsche 911 GT3 RS (The New Wall poster) that it felt like the early 80’s again, it appears I was right with the latest addition to Google Maps. The guys at Google released this week a creative way to use Google Maps to incorporate a 1980 Arcade classic “PACMAN” into maps.

Now when searching for an address in Google Maps you will see the option in the lower left hand corner to use streets as a PACMAN map. Let PACMAN and the Ghosts run through the streets in Paris, Texas, or cruise in Milan, Italy or New York City. I can go on but I am sure you would prefer for me to stop.

Google Maps and PACMAN

Zoom into a city or street and click on the PACMAN icon to start to play!

Check it out!

1. Paris, Texas

2. Milan, Italy

3. New York City, New York


Google Maps and PACMAN

Play PACMAN in Milan, Italy on Google Maps


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