JetClean a simple PC tool that solves many problems

If you are like me, you run into PC problems periodically that needs more help than the standard Microsoft apps. There are several “Free” and low cost tools you can download and purchase to keep your PC fast and running error free. For years I have ran CCleaner and it has been a great tool, however I discovered JetClean a simple PC tool that solves many problems.

1. Similar to CCleaner, JetClean does standard routine clean up operations.

  • Cleans junk files and unneeded registry entries to improve the performance.
  • Reduces system errors and crashes by safely taking out all unused and old registry entries.
  • Better PC performance.

2. A key feature that is unique with JetClean (I previously used a different software for this function) is that JetClean has a RAM defragmenter. This is critical if you use applications like Word, Excel or even just your web browser as your PC holds onto cached items in RAM. It makes it even worse if you hibernate or put your PC into sleep mode. Just like a phone that needs to be rebooted periodically as it’s memory and or applications do not shut down properly, the same is true about your PC. By running just this operation it will help free up RAM and get you up to speed in no time.

JetClean a simple PC tool that solves many problemsTry the free version from BlueSpring on your PC – Click here:

JetClean a simple PC tool that solves many problems

Use JetClean to Clean and Defrag your PC

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