The American Dream – Sharktank

My wife and I, for the past year or so, have been addicted to the TV show showcasing the American dream. On the Sharktank, the Sharks (multi millionaires), interview entrepreneurs who present their business and products for investment by the Sharks. Sometimes there are very interesting products that I would like to buy – not always practical, but we thought this would be a cool topic to cover. To start, here are a couple of our favorites tied to the topic of LED’s lighting our world.


I don’t ride a bike at night- but if I did this would be the ticket! Lighting system for bikes: With 360° lighting, you will be noticed by pedestrians and traffic. Revolights are a legal headlight, smart brake light and true 360° visibility more. info below

Buy it Now!

LUMIO LED Book Light

  • I don’t even know what I would do with it – but it is cool and I want one :) This is an Iconic lamp that blends modern design with versatile function to bring light into your life. Open the book to gradually reveal a gentle radiance of white light. Small enough to bring with you anywhere. Lightweight (1.5 lbs). Cordless functionality: Built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery with an included USB charger.

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LuminAID LED Lamp

  • A breakthrough in solar technology and emergency resources, the LuminAID is an inflatable, solar-powered light pouch or lamp.

Buy it Now!



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