1991 VW Corrado G60 Toffee Gray metallic

1991 VW Corrado G60 Toffee Gray metallic

This car is sold now – so this post is to capture what I had… 1991 VW Corrado G60 Toffee Gray metallic – Southern Car with no rust… RARE color… 22 year old car with only 84,400 miles – My brother and I bought this as a project car, and brought it back from the edge of being something ok to something with real potential. I had a brand new VR6 in black back in 94 -so my heart is with these cars. This one has No RUST anywhere just needs some TLC. It has been sitting in my garage for over a year and I have been working on it ever since.

Amazon Corrado items:


Rear wing works (Goes up at 45 and down at 0MPH), Sunroof works and changed out for a Glass unit. All windows and other items work as expected. A real gem of a car.

Items I have replaced/repaired:

  • New Fuel Pump and filter
  • Drive Belts
  • water pump & thermostat (entire assembly not just the pump) & full flush of cooling system
  • Air filter
  • Engine / Transmission Mounts – Front Engine and Transmission
  • Timing belt for BOTH engine and G-ladder supercharger (most people don’t know to change this small but critical belt).
  • AC Converted to r134A with New compressor and hoses – slow leak somewhere but works just fine since last summer
  • New VR6 French Fogs and Clear Turn signals – Rare and Expensive $550
  • New BBS center caps
  • 97 Passat Glass sunroof and track assembly (Including metal roof as well)
  • Power steering unit is out Have the Part in hand! But drives nice without it!
  • Leather eBrake boot
  • New Floor Mats
  • New Rebuilt Headlight Switch
  • New Fuba Antenna
  • Door Pins
  • Seat bushings (keeps seat in proper place)
  • Screws for Seat Handles
  • Connections at Battery – Headlights and interior lights are as bright as the day it left the factory
  • New clips to hold the plastic trays below the windshield. You would not believe what I paid for these clips very rare and needed.
  • New Alpine CD player with Bluetooth hands-free.
  • Replaced AKTIV door speakers
  • Blue Tooth for hands free phone mounted in center console next to Radio

Repaired many interior parts that was broken or missing *Center Console, Rear pins to hold hatch trim together properly and other parts to snap the car together well.

  • Small exhaust leak (easy fix to remove center suitcase muffler – really does not need it anyway)
  • Minor interior parts needed passenger door speaker cover and rear hatch upper trim. couple of random parts.
  • Both sides someone jacked the car up and did not have the mounts in the proper place and the sides of the car were pushed in (near front tires) (could be pulled out no problem or simple fix of side skirts).
  • Normal door dings, small paint issues on front passenger side bumper and fender


Here are a couple shots of my Black 93 Volkswagen Corrado SLC VR6

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